• Partner to enterprising people

      In 44 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America we support programs that contribute to a dignified human existence and a strong local economy.

    • Human Rights & Business

      Free download: ICCO’s e-book ICCOnomics, which gives practical information about doing business right.

    • Clove trade flourishes

      The cooperative approach in Madagascar quadrupled the export of cloves from 66 tons to 300 tons.

    • Human Rights and Business

      Corporate social responsibility also involves human rights. With our fifty years of experience we can advise you on your activities and help you respect human rights when doing business. 

    • VAR in Cocreation for biomass

      The Dutch waste processing company VAR builds a processing plant in Belem which annually transforms 50,000 tons of açai pits into a high quality biomass.

    • Clean cooking in India

      Indian women have more time to earn an income since they are cooking with clean biogas. Soon they can earn money by generating carbon credits.

    • Thinking big in microfinance

      Microfinance offers small entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop. The microfinance sector in Central America is developing fast.