• Partner to enterprising people

      In 44 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America we support programs that contribute to a dignified human existence and a strong local economy.

    • VAR in Cocreation for biomass

      The Dutch waste processing company VAR builds a processing plant in Belem which annually transforms 50,000 tons of açai pits into a high quality biomass.

    • Clean cooking in India

      Indian women have more time to earn an income since they are cooking with clean biogas. Soon they can earn money by generating carbon credits.

    • Thinking big in microfinance

      Microfinance offers small entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop. The microfinance sector in Central America is developing fast.

    • Clove trade flourishes

      The cooperative approach of COLDIS in Madagascar quadrupled the export of cloves from 66 tons to 300 tons.

    • Food security for 140.000 refugees

      ICCO, ECHO and TBC provide a future for Myanmar refugees who stay in refugee camps in Thailand